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Program Components

What Little Heroes Brings to Each School


Little Heroes is committed to creating the recess of your dreams. No longer would staff and students fear for safety, bullying, or exclusion. We help provide each school with a safe and inclusive yard; with clear boundaries and expectations. Every school deserves to have a Little Heroes Recess!


Our peer mentorship program provides students with the foundation to better themselves as well as others within their communities. It allows students to understand what it means to be a future leader, and to become a valuable mentor to oter students.

Each Little Heroes school will build teams to compete in our leagues and tournaments. These competitive events provide students with an opportunity to thrive in a team environment, to build commonalities with students, create pride and ownership in their school, and allow students to understand the proper way to both win and lose.


Each class will get the opportunity to have one on one fun sessions with their coach. These gametimes provide an opportunity to get students moving while promoting healthy communication and team building.

Each Site will select certain students to become Playground Heroes. These coaches will lead games during recess time and ensure that all students are receiving an opportunity at a fun and inclusive recess.

Little Heroes is ready to impact your school and community. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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