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Peer Mentorship Program

Our Peer Mentorship Program focuses a supreme effort in developing our youth and providing opportunities for a brighter future. Each year, with the help of the administration and staff, Little HEROES targets 20 - 30 at risk students from each school and sets them up for success. We tutor these students weekly after school while providing leadership trainings and teaching specialized skills to further allow them to make an immediate impact in their school. These “Playmakers” are given trainings on rules to the yard, all recess games and activities, as well as conflict resolution techniques and public speaking which will further boost their confidence. These Peer Mentors will be responsible for maintaining a well organized and inclusive recess yard, while setting impeccable examples both inside and outside of the classroom. Our GOAL is to have each of these future leaders leave their elementary schools ready to step up and continue that path at the next level. We maintain our relationships with these leaders while they are in middle school and ask that they come back to mentor more children from their own communities. As our students progress we continue to provide tutoring sessions and other resources which helps ensure they stay on the right path. Each of the twenty original students we select will have a major impact on so many others in their communities and that impact will trickle down to more and more each year.

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