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Playmaker - Recess Coach & Mentor

About the Organization: Our goal at Little HEROES is to empower, mentor, and build leaders of the future. We believe that inclusion and self-direction are key components in helping the youth become young leaders at school and key factors in the community. Little HEROES’ main focus is to create a sense of confidence and ownership in youth and provide outlets to help mentor and guide them. We at Little HEROES understand that this philosophy allows kids, who tend to be more aggressive and obstructive in school, an avenue to release their negative energy into something positive. Healthy bodies create healthy minds, and children in our programs are given a multitude of outlets to establish these healthy bodies and minds.


What we're looking for: Little HEROES is looking to bring in a few positive, self-motivated, and hard working individuals to continue the work we do at their very own school. You will be asked to run our program at a designated school, geared toward providing recess support, coaching after-school sports leagues, establishing an enriching peer mentorship program, and providing leadership opportunities to students. The coach will lead games throughout the day as well as during recesses to establish a connection with the students, and to help create safe boundaries and expectations on the blacktop. He/She will also inspire students to take ownership in their schools and communities and to help provide outlets and opportunities to the students.


What you will do: Each Recess Coach/Playmaker will provide support and administer Little HEROES’ services at their assigned school. The Recess Coach/Playmaker will be in charge of setting up and maintaining Game Times with classes, After School Teams for our Sporting Events, Peer Mentorship Program, Playground Hero (Leadership) Program, and our Rescue Recess program.


Required Skills & Expectations:

* Must commit one year of service to the organization.

* One-year minimum experience working with youth in an academic, school, or similar youth program setting.

* Previous experience in a school or classroom setting is a plus. Knowledge of games and activities from small to large groups is helpful.

* Ability to communicate effectively and receive/give feedback with the Little HEROES staff, School Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Students.

* A demonstrated ability to teach, coordinate, inspire and motivate others.

* Ability to be a team player - Able to think quickly and adjust when needed.

* Take initiative to analyze and solve problems effectively.

* Maintain excellent work ethic and professionalism at all time.

* Legally able to work in the United States and with school-age children.

* Clear background check and history

* Negative TB Test


Expected Start Date:

September 2022 - June 2023 (2022-2023 school year).

Hours vary by school. Little HEROES is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified candidates please apply.


Job Type: Full-time


Salary: Determined by experience

Thanks for submitting!

Careers: Contact
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