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Little Heroes Distance Learning

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Little Heroes Distance Learning Components



Little Heroes coaches will Provide the Following:


·        Each Coach Will Start Heroes Fit Sessions online First day of school.


·        Coaches will start Heroes Fit sessions at 9am daily and can do up to six sessions daily. Each session will be 20 minute brain breaks for our students.


·        With each coach providing 4-6 sessions each day, we can assure each class the chance to have a session with their coach at least once every week. Some schools will get to see their coach twice a week. 


·        Each Coach will collaborate with all teachers to create a schedule for all the sessions throughout the year. (Note: Each session must have a certified staff member present during each Heroes Fit Session)


·        Heroes fit sessions can be a part of the teachers daily schedule to ensure a certified staff member is always present, this will help with making sure all students participate in the Heroes Fit sessions.


·        Little Heroes is also offering 1 on 1 mentoring and tutoring sessions for students that need a little extra attention throughout the school day.


·        We are offering a group mentor session, for up to 15 students. This will be a daily check-in and homework center, after the school day for up to an hour. Our coach will continue to work with this group and ensure they are being provided a quality experience and environment to get work done each day.


·        Little Heroes is ready push the boundaries of our group sessions. Most of our students will only get to see their classmates on a screen each day. We are hopeful we can open up a daily group recess session led by our coach. As many students can join in. This way students can get a chance to see new faces each day and provide a little extra joy in their lives.

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