Week 1 - Inventor's Workshop (6/20 - 6/24)

Calling all tinkerer’s and mad scientists!  Inventor’s workshop is the opportunity for campers to materialize 

those cooky inventions, and wacky ideas!  Campers will have the opportunity to create toys, and 

perform myriad scientific experiments a la Dr. Frankenstein! Zany games of “Zombie Monsters” and 

“Kaboom!” will also be enjoyed by all that are present!  Bring those brilliant minds and those bright 

ideas as we learn about some of the greatest inventors that ever existed, and create our own masterpieces! 

Week 2 - King Arthur's Court 6/27 - 7/01

To be, or not to be? That is simply the question as campers don their gowns and ready their armor in 

preparation for King Arthurs Court! Join us at Heroes Camp as we explore and design castles, discover 

the legendary Excalibur, investigate dragon’s drool and play games like “Storm the Castle” and “Dragons 

Lair”! There shan’t nary be a worry as the times doth be good. One might even be wise to keep open an eye for Robin Hood!

Week 3 - Jurassic Park (7/11 - 7/15)

Sharp teeth! Scaly skin! Dinosaurs! We have them here at Heroes Camp and they’re waiting to be 

rediscovered! Get in touch with your inner archaeologist as we embark on an excavation, create our 

own fossils, and reconstruct the mighty T-Rex. You better believe the stakes will be ultra high during 

Jurassic Park week, as students will need their speed and reflexes to survive the heart-pumping games 

of “Raptor Hunt” and “Steal the Dino Egg”! Bring your mind, your heart and your bravery as we study 

these amazing creatures and all of their surroundings!

Week 4 - Star Wars     (7/18 - 7/22)

Get your light sabers ready and prepare to use the force! Star Wars week is for campers with an 

enormous imagination and an incredible aptitude for having fun! Put the Hero in Heroes Camp as we 

construct balloon powered nano rovers, X-Wing Fighters and play games of “Jedi Dodgeball” and “Sith 

Lords”. Be ready to explore the power of the force and vanquish evil as we learn all about a special galaxy...far far away.

Week 5 - Super HEROES Week (7/25 - 7/29)

Look up in the sky!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s…Heroes Camp!  Get your masks and capes ready as we 

venture forth into Super Heroes week!  There are plenty of super powers to discover, and obstacles to 

overcome as we examine the properties of x-ray vision, craft our own super costumes, and play thrilling 

games of Heroes Ball, and Gotham City!  Super Heroes Week will allow for a new level of love and admiration for all of our campers favorite Hero's and unlock their own inner Super Hero!

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