Meet Our Playmakers.

These coaches are charged with the task to create a fun and enriching experience for each student at their schools. They bring their own passions to their community and instill hope and pride to all those they serve. 

Anthony Rodriguez

Name: Anthony Rodriguez

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

The kids call me: Coach A

School: The San Antonio Elementary School


Favorite game to play as a kid: Kickball

Favorite game to play now: Soccer

Youth Experience: 10 years 

Education: San Jose City College

Hobbies: Being outdoors, camping, coaching sports, sports fanatic!!!


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

Ray Maldonado

Name: Ray Maldonado

School: Sakamoto Elementary

The Kids call me: Coach Ray


Favorite Game when I was a kid: Dodgeball

Favorite Game to play now:  Football

Years working with youth:  20 years

Hobbies outside of Little Heroes:  Coaching my son's and daughter's sports teams (PopWarner Football, Flag Football, Baseball and softball)


"Today's youth is tomorrow's future, Coach them today for a better tomorrow."

Katie Short

Name: Katie Short

Hometown: San Jose

The kids call me: Coach Katie

School: Shirakawa Elementary School


Favorite game to play as a kid: Four-square

Favorite game to play now: Dodge ball

Favorite game of My School: Kickball

Youth Experience: I've been working with kids for the past 10 years. I started out as a softball umpire and swim instructor. In the past, I have coached volleyball, soccer, basketball, and dance. For the past couple of years, I've been working with children with Autism in behavioral therapy as well as directing summer camps helping kids to develop lifelong skills through sports.

Education: I graduated from CSU, Chico in 2016.

Hobbies: My hobbies include: hiking, cooking, and movies.


Favorite Quote: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"







Roland Bradley

Name: Roland Bradley

The kids call me: Coach Ro

School: Ryan Elementary School


Favorite game to play as a kid: Capture the Flag

Favorite game to play now: Sharks and Minnows

Youth Experience: 5 years

Hobbies: Playing Football and Basketball

Andre Hayes

Name: Andre Hayes

School: Dorsa Elementary


The kids call me Coach Dre. I was born and raised in San Jose. I graduated high school from Piedmont Hills High School where I played Varsity Basketball for three seasons. I then moved on to play in college at Notre Dame de Namur. I am very passionate about basketball and sharing my knowledge to kids who want to learn.

Chris Micheletti

Name: Chris Micheletti

School: Gardner Elementary School


Davion Thomas

Name: Davion Thomas

The kids call me: Coach Davion

School: Meyer Elementary School



Favorite Sports: Track

Years working with youth: 

Haroldo Grajeda

Name: Haroldo Grajeda

The kids call me: Coach Lolo

School: Los Arboles


Favorite Superhero: Thanos

Favorite Game to play: Kickball

Years working with youth: 10 Years

Education: Kinesiology

Favorite Sport: Hockey


Patrick Burrell

Name: Patrick Burrell

Hometown: San Jose

School: Trace


Favorite game to play as a kid: Dodgeball

Favorite game to play now: Dodgeball/Hula hoop tag

Youth Experience: After school with YMCA and 9 years in Special Education

Education: San Jose city college

Hobbies: Movies, games, reading, Playing sports,


"Knowledge is power" "knowing is half the battle"


Jerrell DeLeon

Name: Jerrell DeLeon


School: Windmill Springs Elementary

I have been a coach for three years. With each year getting better than the last. I have been working with kids for 5 years. I have been playing sports since I was young. I have had the pleasure of having great coaches in my life. These coaches have helped me play and grow in some of my favorite sports. Which are soccer, football, and flag-tag. I hope to give back to the next generation of athletes, just like my heroes have given to me. 


Eduardo Lopez

Name: Eduardo Lopez

Hometown: San Jose, California

The kids call me: Coach Lopez

School: Arbuckle/Adelante II


Favorite Superhero: Batman

Favorite game to play as a kid: Hockey

Favorite game to play now: Soccer

Favorite game of My School: Jedi Tag

Youth Experience: 7 Years

Education: De Anza College transferring to SJSU

Hobbies: Hiking, Rollerblading, and watching/playing sports.

Daniel Hernandez

Name: Daniel Hernandez

The kids call me: Coach Daniel

Hometown: San Jose, CA

School: Russo/McEntee


Favorite game to play as a kid: Kickball

Favorite game to play now: Soccer

Youth Experience: 1 year

Education: Graduated from SJSU - May 2019

Hobbies: Video Games

Jared Mendoza

Name: Jared Mendoza

The kids call me: Coach Jay

Hometown: Brawley, CA

School: L.U.C.H.A.


Favorite game to play as a kid: Dodgeball

Favorite game to play now: Basketball

Youth Experience: 4 Years

Education: B.S. Kinesiology - Excercise Specialist

Hobbies: Basketball, Dancing, Video Games

Favorite Superhero: Spiderman

Dejon Smith

Name: Dejon Smith

The kids call me: Coach Dejon

School: Terrell Elementary


Years working with youth: 5 years

Passions: Art, Music, Sports

Favorite Game growing up: Cops & Robbers

Favorite Movie: 300

Dion Rollerson

School: Aptitud Community Academy At Goss

The Kids Call me: Coach Dion


Ray Maldonado

Markis Mendez

Name: Markis Mendez

Hometown: San Jose, California

The kids call me: Coach M


School: Hubbard

Favorite Sport: Football 

Favorite game to play at school: Hockey

Favorite game of My School: Jedi Tag

Youth Experience: 1 1/2 Years

Hobbies: Eating, Being active, and Buying my family what they want

Luis Vargas

School: Adelante Academy


Born and raised in San Jose, California. I grew up learning and seeing first hand the life of living in the bay. I've come to love the people in the community due to the hard work and love they put into every day. The kids in my community are hard-working, full of love, passion, and positivity. They are grateful for everything I put into my craft and it helps me escape the hard days of the life of an adult. For three years now I have enjoyed every day being a coach for Little Heroes. 

Marcus Ramone

Name: Marcus Ramone

The kids call me: Coach Marcus

Hometown: Champaign-Urbana, IL

School: Cureton Elementary


Favorite game to play as a kid: Kickball

Favorite game to play now: Kickball

Youth Experience: 3 Years

Education: B.A. Graphic Design

Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Dancing

Uzoma Amuchie

Name: Uzoma Paul Amuchie

What do the kids call you: Coach Zoom

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

School: Stipe Elementary School


Favorite playground game: 4 square, Dodge ball (all types of dodge ball), football, soccer, and basketball.

Youth Experience: 12 years.

Education: Cerritos Community College with an AA in Liberal Studies, 2009. San Jose State University Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Physical Therapy, minor in African American Studies with a concentration of at risk youth and children with disabilities, 2014.

Hobbies: Sports, playing and helping kids, movies, dancing, hanging out with friends and family, bowling, reading, traveling, and drawing.

“God put me on this Earth to work, mentor, understand, and have fun with children.” As my mom would say! I was put on this earth to help and make a difference in children lives, because growing up, as a person a disability wasn’t easy “Cerebral Palsy”. I had to work twice as hard to achieve every goal of every aspect. I pushed myself to the point of accomplishing every aspect and over shadowing my disability. For example, sports, education, and life aspects. I have always been motivated to help and build a foundation for children oversee and motivate themselves to do

better and to make a change and a difference in their lives and also in other people lives as I have done. My story of my experiences and struggles has motivated a lot of kids to want to do better.

Marques Mosley

Name: Marques Mosley

The kids call me: Coach Mosley

Hometown: Seattle, WA

School: Horace Mann Elementary


Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Recess Game: Dodgeball

Youth Experience: 10 years

Good Afternoon, my name is Marques Mosley and I'm going to lead your child to a healthy physical life. I have been working with youth for 10 years and every year I get more motivated to guide students to fun and memorable time outside. My passion drives from seeing kids improve their physical abilities while also influencing great sportsmanship. At the end of the day, I promise your child will love playing outside more than ever before.

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